Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page of the Jerome Chamber of Commerce. Here, we aim to address common inquiries and provide helpful information about the chamber, events, and the vibrant business community in Jerome, Arizona.



How did Jerome get its name?

It was named after an early investor from New York City, Eugene Murray Jerome, who reportedly never visited the town. He was also a cousin of Jenny Churchill, the mother of Winston Churchill the former Prime Minister of Britain.

Why does Jerome exist?

First discovered for its rich ore body by the Yavapai tribe, later by the Conquistators and then European immigrants and independent miners who staked their claims. Montana Senator William Clark consolidated claims and created the United Verde Copper Company (UVX). The mine produced copper primarily as well as gold and silver worth over a billion dollars. The mines closed in 1952 due to an increased difficulty in getting high grade ore out of the mountain and a dip in the value of copper. Once the mine closed the town emptied out and only 50 people were left to run the town that was formerly home to 15,000.

When did Jerome become a town?

The town became incorporated on March 8, 1898.

Where can I park?

There is street level parking and two parking lots. The Middle Town parking lot is located at 310 Hull Avenue…at the Jerome Chamber – Visitor Shack. The 300 Level parking lot is located past the Fire Station on Perkinsville Road and there is a Free Shuttle Friday 11am-4pm, Saturday & Sunday + Holidays 11am-6pm”

What time does the town open?

The shops generally open by 10 a.m. and the restaurants vary according to their menu. The Town Hall is open four days a week, Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How late are shops open?

The shops are generally open until 6 p.m. All the stores are independently owned and operated and opening and closing times are at the pleasure of the owner. Restaurants vary, some are opened until 4 p.m. and others are open until 9 p.m. Some operate seven days a week and others 6 days a week. Bars can stay open until 2 a.m. per Arizona Liquor Law.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, pets are welcome in Jerome as Jerome follows the same laws as the rest of Arizona. No pets, unless service animals, are allowed inside restaurants or bars. Dogs must be on a leash and the owner must be in control of the animal. Picking up waste of a pet and proper disposal of waste in trash cans is required. Please do not leave your pets in a parked car! Pets frequently die or suffer greatly when left in parked cars with rolled up windows. Police can and have rescued pets from locked cars when the owner cannot be found. This can included breaking of a car window to rescue the pet and a fine for the owner.

How many people live in town?

There are 450 people, give or take, enough to have a town picture done on the Jerome Upper Park Steps.

Can you drink on the sidewalks?

No, you cannot take open containers on the sidewalks. Most restaurant and bar licenses permit sale of alcohol that can only be consumed on the premise of the restaurant/bar. You can consume alcohol on the steps of the Upper Park but only in non-glass containers.

Can you smoke in public?

Arizona passed a no smoking law in 2006 prohibiting smoking in enclosed public spaces and places of employment. This includes restaurants, bars, , enclosed common areas of hotels and inns. Smokers are required to stay 20 feet away from doors of restaurants, bars, stores and other public areas. Please properly dispose of your cigarette butts. Make sure that they are completely extinguished and then disposed of in a proper receptacle.

What is the speed limit in town?

The speed limit is 20 mph through most of the town, going down to 10 miles an hour on residential streets.

Where do the children of town go to school?

The children of Jerome take a bus down to Clarkdale and Cottonwood for elementary and high school. The Jerome High School was opened in 1906 and closed in 1951. It became consolidated with Cottonwood High School and from 1960 to 1971 was called Mingus High School that was housed in Jerome. The public high school for the kids of this area is called Mingus High School and is currently in Cottonwood on Fir Street.

The High School facilities are now home to artists, jewelers and Western Heritage, a well-known furniture making company. The old Elementary school has been converted into the Jerome Town Hall, library and office space.

Are there any churches in Jerome?

The Haven United Methodist Church has an active congregation and hosts a food share every Wednesday from 9am until noon to which all are welcome.

Where do locals shop for food?

Locals shop for food mostly at grocery stores in Cottonwood.

Is the town currently sliding down hill?

The locals swear that if you watch closely, you can see it move.

Where does the water come from?

Jerome water comes from Allen Springs which flow from the top of Mingus.

What are the major industries of Jerome?

Art, wine, light manufacturing and tourism.

What do the locals do in Jerome?

The community is very supportive of each other. Many are artists, gardeners, avid cyclists, writers, film makers, furniture makers, and musicians. Every December the Town, Historical Society and the Chamber of Commerce throw a community dinner. Many benefits for locals in need have been well attended. The Haven United Methodist Church has an active congregation and throw Navajo taco dinners yearly.

Where can I hike?

Jerome is an up or down affair and just walking the streets can provide a nice hike. There are many trails off Perkinsville Road and up toward the top of Mingus Mountain. When hiking on old mining roads, heed the warnings not to explore or get near any mining pit or tunnel. Real danger exists from perilous falls to arsenic poisoning.

Where can I buy pain killers?

You can get pain killers at Paul and Jerry’s.

How high up is Jerome?

Jerome is over 5000 feet and has 50 mile views.

What is the view from Jerome?

You can see the Red Rocks of Sedona and the San Francisco Mountains as well as Cottonwood, Clarkdale and the Cement Plant

How late do the restaurants/bars stay open?

Jerome has nine restaurants and 6 bars that include four wine tasting rooms. The latest restaurants are open is 9 p.m., the bars are generally open from 11 a.m. until 1 a.m.

Does Jerome have a judge?

Yes, we have a judge who works a few days every week.

Do the mining companies still own property in Jerome?

Yes, and they own mineral rights of most private property in town. Currently, Freeport McMoRan is the company that owns most of the land around Jerome.

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